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Thank you to have entered to my site. Here you will find information about my favorite bands (Misfits, Dead Kennedys, Rancid, Minor Threat,Ramones, etc..) like pictures, history, lyrics and also some sections dedicated to Punk, Ska, Beer, Soccer in which there are links, pictures and a lot of stuff that I'm sure you are going to enjoy ! Because who is able to tell me a better combination than Punk, ska, soccer and Beer ? ok I know I'm missing the most important thing to be happy in this life ! GIRLS !.. but for now be happy with this !

I promise when you come back , this site will be totally upgraded, but anyway this is my first page !!! Be patient my friend! If you have any suggestions, can contribute anything, or just want to make fun of me, feel free to E-mail me.


I have noticed that a lot of people have came to see my site, that's fuckin' great ! thanx ! i was not expecting that at all, this makes me feel like i'm doing a good job with this website for that reason I've decided that I am gonna work very hard in these days putting some good and intereting shit here, so  i hope you guys like it. if you are a football ( the word soccer does not exist) lover you have to check my football page, it has some good stuff about South American football teams and also all information about the tryoffs of all American countries including U.S.A  

Suggestions ? complaints ? comments ?

Email me !!